Scott Otto Anderson

Be Like Chris


Scott directed the new campaign for Centr and it turns out that the "God of Thunder" is just like us afterall...

Chris Budgeon

Things Can Change in a Heartbeat


For many of Australia's families, the worries don't end at childbirth. Chris Budgeon's campaign for HeartKids brings awareness to Congenital Heart Disease.

Linnéa Bergman

Swedish Cold


It's winter in Stockholm. Linnéa examines the Swedes' love/hate relationship with the season – the blistering cold and the respite from it – in this new spot for Stockholm Exergi.

Jouk Oosterhof

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld


Literary world's "Bold New Outlier" and International Booker Prize Winner Marieke Lucas Rijneveld got the Jouk Oosterhof treatment in a new portrait series for Another Magazine.




Playtime director Dropbear does big things with itty, bitty, little things for Qantas Health Insurance. Squint or you'll miss it!

Mark Clinton

American Express


Crack open a cold one, Mark Clinton’s new Platinum GCS campaign for American Express has landed! Check out the full series at Mark's new motion section.