Chris Budgeon


As one of Australia’s largest tyre and auto networks, mycar Tyre & Auto has launched its first integrated campaign via TBWA Sydney, since the company was rebranded last year.
The TVC campaign was made to display mycar’s understanding of the people who drive their cars as much as the cars themselves, through a few relatable scenarios: A mother having to replace her car’s tyres after her L-plater son has damaged them; a couple on a first date with a flat tyre; a customer driving off with a briefcase on their car roof.
The campaign required social and brand content that would be shot on the back of TVC. But working on the back of TVC doesn’t mean you don’t bring your personality and sensibility. Chris Budgeon brought his people skills and eye for talent photography to the series of auto pictures. 
With the promise of “People First”, mycar’s new campaign shows how cars can be relatively easy to understand while people are a little more complex, and that mycar not only understands cars but the quirks and habits of the people who drive them, through relatable, everyday, light-hearted scenarios (one of which used Producer Alison Lydiard’s own car!).
When it comes to the back of TVC, Photoplay Photography work with the Photographer to ensure that the final concept is consistent with the motion campaign, while still feeling like a stills campaign in its own right. A lot of that is down to lighting that works in a photographic concept, but also the unique challenge of photography is encapsulating the campaign, with the talent’s performance, set, scenario and brand message in a single picture.
One glance at Chris Budgeon’s diverse and entertaining character portfolio shows how capable Chris is at delivering campaigns that need a performance suited to capturing that one essential moment that showcases all these parts of a commercial. Working with the talent, Chris made every relatable scenario filled with a sense of character.
As a Sydney based Production Company, Photoplay Photography is nonetheless used to travelling to Chris Budgeon’s hometown in Melbourne to produce campaigns with him (often done from his studio, HeadQuarters Studio). As the campaign was Sydney based however, it was Chris Budgeon’s turn to travel interstate to join us on this one.
The result was a stills campaign that felt like a commercial in its own right, lovely as it was to support the great work done by director Tony Rodgers. It was great practise for the producers at Photoplay Photography to flex their experience in covid safety protocols, back of TVC, scheduling, vehicle hire and more.