Jouk Oosterhof

The Anker Brothers


Lawyers, football fanatics, and now models for Jouk Oosterhof's latest for De Volkskrant - Wim & Hans Anker wear many hats, but only one team's scarf.

Scott Otto Anderson

Letter Box


Scott Otto delivers again - his latest campaign for AusPost Home and Car Insurance slips in a tricky bit of misdirection and scores 5 stars on Letterboxd. 

Michael Corridore



Michael Corridore lets the sun shine in on CommBank's 'A brighter Australia starts here' campaign.

Gary John

Insurance for Living


Gary 'Mr Perfect' John delves deep into his wardrobe of tricks and gets his OCD on for Cigna's new campaign

Sarah Adamson

is now a Photoplayer.


Effortless, spontaneous and original, Sarah's work has an energy about it that gets people excited – real joy, real emotion and real personality wrapped up in a premium aesthetic.

Melvin J. Montalban

Wonder Full of Goodness


The greatest thing since sliced bread? Perhaps not, but still, it's pretty cool... Melvin unlocks his inner child for Wonder's new campaign.